Tauro Grooming Academy is an international level school that provides training for both pet owners and those seeking a professional career. Academy training programs are based on more than 35 years of experience from the founder Janita J. Plungė. The training is conducted according to the proven methodology, which continues to bring extremely high results in cynology, and was developed by Janita herself. The academy uses only the highest quality tools, cosmetics, and equipment, which were selected and many of them even developed by the founder of the academy herself.  

Tauro Grooming Academy is not only a school, but also a luxury pet grooming and SPA salon. Here you can treat your pet to spa treatments with Tauro Pro Line ozone baths that heal, relax and care for your pets’ fur and skin. After the spa treatment, your pet will receive a professional haircut and other necessary care. By founding Tauro Grooming Academy, Janita J. Plungė hoped to train highly qualified grooming specialists as well as help regular pet owners, and give all four-legged friends the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious spa salon created specifically for them. At the salon You will also find a showroom with all the tools and products used at the academy so the owners can have the same quality products to use at home.  



Professional training
Professional training

At the Academy, we offer a 160-hour training course for beginners who wish to become professional groomers.  

The theoretical course consists of lectures on: 

  • Grooming tools: how to choose, what to pay attention to, and how to use them correctly when trimming different breeds of dogs; 
  • Skincare: the basics of care, animal skin problems, and proper care during grooming; 
  • Fur care: how to choose cosmetics according to different types of dog fur. 

Practical training: 

  • Bathing: learning how to properly bathe dogs of different breeds and sizes; 
  • Drying: drying the dogs using professional drying tools, tips for correct fur drying; 
  • Haircuts: cutting different breeds of dogs in PET style (for home) and practical advice on haircut lines according to the breed of animal.

During the training, students are provided with ALL the necessary equipment and tools, of which an apron, scissors, and a hair clipper will be gifted to You upon graduation. Graduates also receive a special discount for purchasing additional equipment and tools (bathtubs, hair dryers, cosmetics) in order to help build their own salon. 

The duration of the course is 4 weeks, 160 hours, of which 20 hours for theory and 140 hours for practical education. Classes are held during the week Monday to Friday at Mairono g. 11, Kaunas, Lithuania. Price is 2500 eur. (30% after You register and the rest during the first two weeks of training.) 

Advanced Training for groomers

Professional dog groomers can choose advanced training courses and seminars held in the Academy. During these courses, professionals in the field, experts share advice, insights into various work techniques and methods that work best with specific breeds or coat types. It is a great opportunity to always keep learning and improving your skills. 

Advanced Training for groomers
Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier everyday coat care and grooming
icon 2023-09-30
Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier everyday coat care and grooming
A seminar on soft-coated Wheaten Terrier everyday coat care and grooming will be led by the president of the Lithuanian Terrier Club, one of the founders of the Lithuanian Cynological Society (LKD), member of the LKD judges' panel, FCI international dog exterior judge of all categories of breeds (since 1982), breeder of Scottish terriers, dog groomer, and founder of the "Tikras Bildukas" grooming salon - JÚRATĖ BUTKIENĖ.
Jūratė has been working with terriers for over 30 years.

What will you hear at the seminar?
-Brief overview of the breed;
- Exterior basics;
-FCI standard highlights for groomers;
- What groomers need to know about fur types;
-Discussion on cosmetic products and tools;
-Specifics of fur drying, preparing a wheaten terrier for home and shows;
-How to perform a 'pet' haircut correctly, maintaining the exterior accents characteristic of the breed;
-The most common grooming errors;
-Show cut styles (Ireland, England, Europe, America);
- Demonstration grooming.

10:00 Theoretical part.
12:00 Coffee break. Possibility to ask questions/consult.
13:30 Demonstration cut. In the process, questions will be answered, it will be shown how you notice/highlight the advantages/disadvantages of the exterior

Event date: 2023.09.30
Location: Maironio st. 11, Kaunas (Tauro Grooming Academy)

Price: 100e
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