Comb Ultra light line

SKU number: TPLY63489

The Tauro Pro Line Ultra Light aluminum comb is a high-quality grooming tool for your pet's coat. The different tooth arrangements on the comb achieve different effects, with denser teeth used to separate the coat from the roots and thinner teeth for efficient combing. This comb is ultra-lightweight and durable, thanks to its aluminum handle and special technology that keeps each stainless steel tooth separated for optimal results. The moisture-resistant comb makes combing both dry and wet coats easier. It is suitable for all pet breeds.



  • Suitable for all coat types 
  • For all breeds of pets 
  • Stainless steel teeth ensure effective grooming 
  • Has a lightweight aluminium handle 
  • Moisture resistant 


  • Stainless steel teeth and an aluminum handle 
  • Length: 24.5 cm 
  • The length of the teeth is 33 mm 
  • Number of teeth: 68 
  • Colour: mint 

Tauro Pro Line combs of the highest quality are designed by professionals to make pet combing easier. The lightweight comb ensures comfortable use when brushing your pet. The different tooth positions enable you to achieve your desired effect – dense teeth effectively cut the coat from the roots, while thinner teeth allow for quick and efficient combing. The moisture-resistant aluminum combs make the combing process easier in all conditions and ensure long-lasting use. Introducing the Tauro Pro Line combs, meticulously crafted by professionals using the finest materials to deliver optimal results and transform pet brushing into an effortless and enjoyable activity. 

Tauro Pro Line is a brand created for a pet’s skin and coat professional approach. Our goal is to provide the most natural and effective skin and coat care and innovative best quality grooming equipment. Based on our experience and endless love for pets we offer the most efficient products that make the life of the owner and the pet easier. 

High quality

The comb features the signature durability thanks to the aluminium handle and teeth of stainless steel. Each tooth is treated with special technology to gently separate each hair.


The lightweight spine design saves effort, is comfortable to hold and easy to use. Especially suitable for long-term pet grooming, so this design is widely used by professional pet groomers.

Suitable for the care of thick fur

Since these combs have spaced teeth, they are especially suitable for combing Poodles, Bichons, and Pomeranians. They gently lift each hair, making them very useful when cutting, ensuring a precise and professional grooming experience.

Functional use

The varying density of bristle arrangement in the "Tauro Pro Line" combs makes them even more practical. With ease, you can groom your pet's fur, remove tangled dead hairs, and untangle even the most significant mats, making grooming sessions a breeze and keeping your pet's coat in top-notch condition.


The different tooth arrangements on the comb achieve different effects, with denser teeth used to separate the coat from the roots and thinner teeth for efficient combing. 

  • Rare pins are designed to lift the coat from roots
  • Dense pins side is for combing

Tauro Pro Line Ultra-light comb is useful during fur modeling and cutting.


Experience the convenience and efficacy of grooming that's truly tailored to your pet's body. Our combs ensure that every pet, regardless of their size or shape, enjoys a grooming routine that's comfortable, efficient, and infused with care.

my promise
my promise

Over 35 years of experience in the grooming and show fields allows me to offer the highest quality tools to make your pet grooming routine easier and help you achieve excellent results.